Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №12 2010


3 Zharikov A. Yu., Lampatov V. V., Zverev Ya. F., Bryukhanov V. M., Kudinov A. V. A new technique for urinary oxalate ion determination    | Resume, key words, literature
5 Stogov M. V., Luneva S. N., Tkachuk Ye. A. Biochemical parameters in the prediction of the course of osteoreparative processes in skeletal injury    | Resume, key words, literature
8 Ryabov V. V., Suslova T. Ye., Markov V. A. Determination of free fatty-acid carrier protein by enzyme immunoassay and non-instrumental method in acute coronary syndrome    | Resume, key words, literature
11 Falko Ye. V., Khyshiktuyev B. S. Changes in the fatty-acid spectrum of epidermal structures in various age group patients with psoriasis    | Resume, key words, literature
14 Golyuchenko O. A., Osochuk S. S. Higher cortisol levels in frequently ill children as a factor increasing susceptibility to acute respiratory infections    | Resume, key words, literature
17 Shilin D. Ye. Vitamin D hormone in the 21st century clinic: pleiotropic effects and laboratory evaluation (a lecture)    | Resume, key words, literature
23 Malysheva M. V., Bulycheva T. I., Deineko N. L., Samoilova R. S., Kaplanskaya I. B., Mogoulas Kh., Zatsepina O. V. The levels of key nucleolar proteins in the lymphoid cells of healthy individuals and patients with lymphoproliferative diseases    | Resume, key words, literature
28 Krylov V. N., Deryugina A. V., Zakharova O. A., Antipenko Ye. A. Nonspecific adaptive reactions blood in chronic brain ischemia    | Resume, key words, literature
30 Berkovsky A. L., Sergeyeva E. V., Suvorov A. V., Mondoyev L. G., Kabardina M. S., Biryukova L. S., Kozlov A. A. Monitoring the efficiency of heparin anticoagulation in patients on programmed hemodialysis    | Resume, key words, literature
33 Bekman N. I., Laricheva S. Yu., Pomelova V. G., Osin N. S. Lanthanide fluorescence immunoassay of 17α-hydroxyprogesterone in dried blood samples for neonatal screening for adrenogenital syndrome    | Resume, key words, literature
35 Filatov M. V., Landa S. B., Pantina R. A., Garmai Yu. P. Investigation of exosomes secreted by different normal and malignant cells in vitro and in vivo    | Resume, key words, literature
43 Mavzyutov A. R., Mustafina G. R., Khismatullina Z. R., Shakirova G. R. Procedure for Trichomonas vaginalis cultivation    | Resume, key words, literature


Index of papers published in this journal in 2010