Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №2 2009

3 Titov V. N. The diagnostic value of endothelium-dependent vasodilation. The functional unity of endothelin, nitric oxide, and formation of function in phylogenesis    | Summary & Literature
16 Nesmeyanova N. N., Sosedova L. M. Preclinical evaluation of resistance to toxic substances    | Summary & Literature
19 Tsvirenko S. V., Savelyev L. I., Kiyaev A. V., Gerasimova L. Yu., Boyarsky S. N., Koroleva N. P. Determination of reference intervals of thyroid-stimulating hormone in adolescents in an iodine-deficient area    |Summary & Literature
21 Kamilov R. F., Khanov T. V., Yapparov R. N., Shakirov D. F. Chemiluminescence as one of the techniques used to study the antioxidative activity of blood, saliva, tear, and urine     | Summary & Literature
23 Olefirenko G. A., Shevchenko O. P. Electrophoretic study of urinary proteins (a lecture)    | Summary & Literature
37 Mardanly S. G. The development and testing of new enzyme immunoassay systems for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis    | Summary & Literature
38 Pegov R. G., Alyasova A. V., Novikov V. V., Baryshnikov A. Yu. The serum levels of a soluble form of HLA I molecules in patients with lung cancer    | Summary & Literature
40 Neshumayev D. A., Olkhovsky I. A., Baranova Ye. N., Sharipova I. N., Ulanova T. I., Vinogradova M. N., Shevchenko N. M., Ruzayeva L. A. Predictive value of detection of HIV p24 antigen in the use of test systems with increased analytical sensitivity    | Summary & Literature
42 Sozina A. V., Ilivanova Ye. P., Shulman A. M., Shulman M. A., Shemerovskaya T. G., Lapin S. V., Totolyan A. A. The informative value of determination of serum IL-1β, IL-6, IFN-γ in systemic lupus erythematosus    | Summary & Literature
44 Berkovsky A. L., Sergeeva Ye. V., Suvorov A. V., Suvorova L. A., Ulyanova I. S., Orel Ye. B., Krechetova A. V., Levina A. A., Pustovoit L. A., Saridi E. Yu., Galstyan G. M. Approbation of a new test system determining the activity of a plasmin inhibitor in patients with sepsis    | Summary & Literature
46 Tuganova T. N., Bolgova L. S., Alekseyenko O. I., Ligirda N. F. Reasons for cytohistological differences in the determination of the degree of epithelial dysplasia of the cervix uteri    | Summary & Literature
50 Isakova Zh. T. Practical value of the TB-biochip MDR test system in the rapid identification of multidrug-resistant M. tuberculosis strains    | Summary & Literature
52 Recommendations of the Scientific-and-Practical Symposium on Laboratory Medicine: innovational technologies in analytics, diagnosis, education, and organization (Moscow, October 7-9, 2008)
53 In memory of Yekaterina Andreyevna Kost
55 Scientific-and-Practical Conference on Laboratory Medicine in the light of the Russia’s socioeconomic development till 2020 program