Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №8 2009

3 Berezhnova I. A., Korshunov G. V. Plasma lipids and interleukins in geriatric patients with ischemic heart disease   | Resume, key words, literature
7 Chalyk N. Ye., Dovgalevsky P. Ya., Klochkov V. A., Ansimova O. M., Ilyin A. A., Petyaev I. Significance of determination of lipid-oxidizing catalytic antibodies in patients with ischemic heart diseases   | Resume, key words, literature
9 Smirnova V. Yu. Value of the laboratory markers of endothelial damage in unstable angina pectoris   | Resume, key words, literature
10 Fedorova M. M. Impact of body weight loss on the concentration of adiponectin in patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes   | Resume, key words, literature
12 Karlova E. A., Bryuzgina T. S., Girina O. N. Fatty-acid composition of plasma and erythrocyte lipids in patients with metabolic syndrome   | Resume, key words, literature
14 Smirnova G. A., Pogoreltsev V. I., Faizrakhmanova F. M. Determination of serum antioxidant capacity after artificial abortion   | Resume, key words, literature
16 Kim L. B., Zhilyakov I. V., Nikonova I. K. Serum levels of glycosaminoglycans, oxyproline, and fibronectin in patients with osteochondrosis of the vertebral column   | Resume, key words, literature
19 Nagoyev B. S., Kambachokova Z. A. Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense in patients with salmonellosis   | Resume, key words, literature
21 Baranova N. I., Kostina Ye. M. Characterization of immunity in patients with allergic airway diseases with bacterial sensitization   | Resume, key words, literature
24 Bogacheva N. V., Darmov I. V., Borisevich I. V., Kryuchkov A. V., Pechenkin D. V. The time course of changes in cell immunological parameters during administration of live dry plague vaccine   | Resume, key words, literature
27 Kytmanov A. A., Bakulina L. V., Yelagin G. D., Dubrovin M. Yu., Darmov I. V., Borisevich I. V., Kuznetsov S. L. Detection of mycotoxin T2 with different solid-phase enzyme immunoassays   | Resume, key words, literature
30 Orlov S. A., Donnikov M. Yu., Zinovyeva A. V., Kutefa Ye. I. Quantitative assessment of platelet morphofunctional activity from the data of atomic force microscopy   | Resume, key words, literature
32 Izmailova N. A., Zorina R. M., Shvets Ye. K., Belogolova K. M. Change in the concentration of plasmin and its inhibitors in the blood of patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy before and after treatment   |Resume, key words, literature
35 Isayeva G. Sh., Pozdeyev O. K. The Russian chromogenic medium for isolation of Helicobacter pylori   | Resume, key words, literature
38 Kryukova V. A. Rational organization of preanalytical processes of clinical laboratory studies in urgent medicine   | Resume, key words
43 Dolgikh T. I. Problems in the organization of work of laboratories and metrological provision of an analytical process   | Resume, key words
46 The national standard of the Russian Federation