Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №10 2009

3 Titov V. N. Phylogenetic, pathogenetic fundamentals and a role clinical biochemistry in a classification of arterial hypertension   | Resume, key words, literature
13 Kulikova N. Yu., Chasha T. V., Sakharova N. V., Kuzmenko G. N., Sitnikova O. G. Determination of medium-weight molecules in the plasma and urine of neonatal infants with ischemic neuropathy   | Resume, key words, literature
16 Zorina V. N., Kozlov I. G., Tretyakova T. V., Promzeleva N. V., Bazhenova L. G., Zorina R. M., Ryabicheva T. G., Zorin N. A. Some acute phase reactants in different types of proliferative diseases of the uterine appendages   | Resume, key words, literature
19 Mikashinovich Z. I., Suroedova R. A., Olempieva Ye. V. The specific features of the blood gas transport system in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis   | Resume, key words, literature
21 Elchaninov D. V., Akker L. V., Fedorova I. A., Popovtseva A. V. Bone resorption and formation markers in women with climacteric syndrome in early postmenopause   | Resume, key words, literature
24 Shchekotova A. P., Shchekotov V. V., Bulatova I. A., Roitman A. P. Diagnostic efficiency of laboratory tests determining the functional status of the endothelium in patients with chronic diffuse liver diseases   |Resume, key words, literature
27 Dutov A. A., Nikitin D. A., Mishchenko M. N., Litvintseva O. N., Ivanova Ye. N., Zavorotnykh I. N., Shishkina Ye. N. A simple and highly sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography assay of salivary putrescine and cadaverine   | Resume, key words, literature
30 Balakhovsky I. S. Statistical control of the quality of clinical laboratory analyses (a lecture)   | Resume, key words, literature
37 Mammayev S. N., Zaglieva S. S., Zagliev S. G. Influence of infectious factors on the activation of proinflammatory cytokines in chronic heart failure   | Resume, key words, literature
39 Ivanova I. A., Vasilyeva G. I., Bespalova I. A., Omelchenko N. D., Kiseleva A. K., Doroshenko Ye. P. Procedure for evaluating the immunoregulatory activity of neutrophilokine fractions on a model of macrophages   |Resume, key words, literature
42 Bogdanov K. V., Ignatyeva S. M. To basic methods for the extraction and molecular analysis of micromycetic DNA   | Resume, key words, literature
45 Shelokhovich A. I., Kharabadzhakhyan G. D., Karbyshev G. L., Terentyev A. N., Savelyeva I. K., Savelyeva Ye. P., Sokirkina O. G. Comparative study of the biological properties of various nutrient media used for the isolation of Legionella pneumophila   | Resume, key words, literature
48 Manzenyuk I. N., Shipulin G. A., Menshikov V. V. Assessing the conformity of medical articles for in vitro diagnosis: international and Russian experience   | Resume, key words, literature
53 Ruslyakova M. V. Osmometry   | Resume, key words, literature