Rossiysky Meditsinsky Zhurnal №3 2011

3 Ivliyeva I. V., Polunin V. S. Organization of medical care to boys with genital malformations and diseases in the outpatient setting
6 Tatarchenko I. P., Pozdnyakova N. V., Morozova O. I., Petrushin I. A., Solovyeva K. V. The clinical and instrumental evaluation of the efficacy of enalapril and telmisartan in the correction of cardiac structural and functional changes in essential hypertension
10 Mokhov E. M., Armasov A. R., Amrullayev G. A., Pazhetnev A. G. The use of the biological properties of perfluorane in the local treatment of purulent wounds
14 Potemkin V. V., Kovalchuk L. V., Voyevodin D. A., Barbina T. N., Barbin P. B. Role of cytokines in the development of diabetic foot syndrome
18 Shvarts V. Ya. The use of incretin effect in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
21 Saidov S. G., Medzhidov R. T., Arbuliyev M. G., Magomedova A. M. Comparative evaluation of the use of ozonized saline in prostate adenoma
23 Lange D. A., Volkova E. N., Stakhanov V. A., Kiselevich O. K. Dermal symptoms and syndromes in children and adolescents with pulmonary tuberculosis
26 Vaganov P. D. The physical and neuropsychic development of infants of the first year of life
31 Gurevich M. A. Antiarrhythmic and hemodynamic effects of statins in patients with coronary heart disease
34 Storozhakov G. I., Ganieva I. I., Reznik E. V., Gendlin G. E., Urvantseva O. M., Khripun A. I. Osteoporosis-cardiovascular disease relationship
42 Krasnovsky A. L., Brutskaya L. A., Sokolov A. A., Raspopina A. E. Celiac disease: a review of literature and an anecdotal case. Part 2
51 Sviridov S. V., Gaforov D. A., Bakushin V. S. Infusion therapy policy in the treatment of acute pancreatitis