Rossiysky Meditsinsky Zhurnal №1 2009

4 Skachkova Ye. I., Pikhotsky A. N., Kucheryavaya D. A. Detection of patients with tuberculosis in the municipal link of public health    | Summary & Literature
6 Nechayeva O. B., Kozhekina N. V. Tuberculosis in child-bearing age women in the Sverdlovsk Region    | Summary & Literature
9 Russkikh O. Ye., Stakhanov V. A. Tuberculosis concurrent with HIV infection in the penitentiaries of the Udmurt Republic    | Summary & Literature
11 Meisner A. F. Planned tuberculin diagnosis under the conditions of the metropolitan megapolis as a method for the timely detection of tuberculosis in children    | Summary & Literature
13 Aleksandrova Ye. N., Morozova T. I., Parolina L. Ye. Detection of tuberculosis in children and adolescents in the Saratov Region    | Summary & Literature
15 Borodulina Ye. A., Amosova Ye. A., Borodulin B. Ye., Kryukova A. M., Galilei M. V. Risk factors for tuberculosis in children    | Summary & Literature
17 Kondratyeva T. K., Stakhanov V. A. Impact of social support on the efficiency of treatment in patients with tuberculosis    | Summary & Literature
19 Kochetkova Ye. Ya. Evaluation of the efficiency of treatment of contingents of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis    | Summary & Literature
22 Garmash Yu. Yu. Monitoring of patients with sarcoidosis: Basic principles    | Summary & Literature
24 Baranov A. A., Maryandyshev A. O. Association of the genotypes and drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Barents Region of the Russian Federation    | Summary & Literature
27 Makarova M. V., Krasnova M. A. Identification of non-tuberculosis mycobacteria    | Summary & Literature
29 Vizel A. A., Gizatullina E. D. The specific features of the nonspecific microflora in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis    | Summary & Literature
33 Streltsova Ye. N., Ryzhkova O. A. Structural markers of intoxication and medium-weight molecules in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis    | Summary & Literature
36 Parolina L. Ye., Morozova T. I., Aleksandrova Ye. N. Difficulties in diagnosing infiltrative processes in the clinical manifestations of tuberculosis    | Summary & Literature
39 Borisova M. I., Galygina N. Ye. A phthisiatrician’s consultancy at a multidisciplinary hospital    | Summary & Literature
40 Matrosov M. V., Batyrov F. A., Antipov A. G., Maltsev R. V., Skopin M. S. Implication of comprehensive endoscopic study in the detection of abdominal tuberculosis    | Summary & Literature
42 Kayukova S. I., Stakhanov V. A., Makarov O. V. Analysis of late diagnosis cases of genital tuberculosis in women    | Summary & Literature
45 Chuzhov A. L., Bellindir E. N., Ariel B. M., Blyum N. M. Erythema induratum    | Summary & Literature
47 Zubova Ye. Yu. The specific features of pulmonary tuberculosis in mentally ill patients    | Summary & Literature
49 Pankratova L. E., Kazimirova N. Ye., Volchkova I. L. The course of tuberculous meningitis under the present conditions    | Summary & Literature
52 Litvinov V. I., Slogotskaya L. V., Seltsovsky P. P., Shuster A. M., Martyanov V. A., Demin A. V., Filippov A. V., Smirnov V. Yu., Stakheyeva L. B. A new skin test for the diagnosis of tuberculous infection    |Summary & Literature
56 Batyrov F. A., Matrosov M. V., Skopin M. S. A difficult case of the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal tuberculosis