Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №2 2011



3 Mavlikayeva Yu. A. Model of the organization of complex rehabilitation of invalids at the regional level
6 Biryulina Yu. K., Brazhkina N. B., Dmitriev N. S. Individual program of rehabilitation of aurally disabled – an adequate electro-acoustic correction


Shindryaeva N. N., Zimnyakova O. S., Starovoitova I. M., Levin O. S. Features of disablement expertise in patients with Parkinson’s disease with various age of the disease onset
12 Dementieva N. F., Zhigareva N. P. Perspectives of the development of the system of rehabilitation of invalids due to psychic diseases at the social protection units
15 Zhigareva N. P., Dementieva N. F. Scientific substantiation of the system of complex rehabilitation of invalids at psychoneurologic social protection units
19 Samorodskaya I. V., Vatolina M. A., Kisliy N. D. Gender clinico-social features and the degree of ability to work loss of mentally diseased hospitalized to the psychoneurologic hospital
21 Sokolov D. A. Factors of social adaptation of the elderly patients at gerontopsychiatric charity center and stages of its realization
24 Krivoruchko Yu. D. Medico-social expertise of mentally diseased law-violators over 50 and its role in social protection of compulsory treated invalids
26 Doyutova M. V. Clinical expert work of municipal polyclinics
29 Berdutin V. A., Guseva N. K., Sokolov V. A., Doyutova M. V. Psychological portrait of medical expert viewed from socionics approach position
34 Romanenko I. A., Zakharchenko Yu. I. Tuberculosis incidence and the state of phthisiologic service in Krasnodar Territory
35 Romanenko I. A. Analysis of the state and dynamics of primary disability due to tuberculosis in Krasnodar Territory for the period 2005-2009
37 Bazayeva E. A., Marusheva L. G., Trifonova O. B., German S. V. Regional features of primary disablement of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region adult population taking into account groups of disablement
42 Vasilkova N. A., Naumova T. V. Level and structure of the secondary disablement in diabetes mellitus in Altai Territory
43 Zhilyuk M. A., Bessonova N. Yu., Pavlova S. V. State of the primary disablement due to congenital malformations among the Murmansk Region infantile population for the period 2007-2009
45 Samorodskaya I. V., Fufayev E. N. Temporary disability and invalidity in cardiovascular diseases
47 Malichenko S. B., Idrisova L. T., Payanidi Yu.G., Skripnikova I. A., Yavisya A. M., Shibilova M. U. Rehabilitation of the elderly patients suffering from combined somatic pathology. Modern possibilities and perspectives
49 Gusev A. O. Family status of the patients of neurologic and cardiologic medical rehabilitation departments as an important part of social-hygienic characteristic
51 Khazova I. V., Devyatova O. F. Features of cardiac rhythm variability in cardiovascular pathology
53 Nizova L. M., Perepelkina I. V. Awareness as a factor of social adaptation of the families with disabled children
54 Morozova E. V., Burlakova D. I. Psychological rehabilitation record as an instrument of rehabilitation process registration