Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №1 2010


3 Puzin S. N., Velikolug T. I., Naumenko L. L., Kukhta O. A., Schemeleva V. I., Shermetova I. V. Medico-social problems of family with children-disabled     | Resume, key words
5 Svintsov A. A., Raduto V. I., Pochobut L. V., Zhmaev M. V. Organizing methodical and legal aspects of social-environmental rehabilitation of disabled    |  Rezume, key words, literature
9 Guseva N. K., Sokolov V. A., Doutova M. V. Up-to-date state of organization of rehabilitation of patients and invalids in Russian Federation    | Resume, key words
13 Vasilchenko E. M., Zoloev G. K., Korolev S. G. Functional results of primary prosthetics of extremity after hip and shin amputation for patients with the vessels diseases  |  Rezume, key words, literature
16 Marutenkov G. L., Kovalchuk V. V. Decline of risk of falling and increase of everyday vital activity level of patients after a stroke by employments on the trainer of "Balance-system SD"  |  Rezume, key words, literature
20 Grishina L. P., Ondar V. S., Kukhta O. A. An analysis of disabled due to diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue in the Russian Federation in dynamics for 10 years (1999-2008)    | Resume, key words
22 Pozharishenskiy K. E. Basic tendencies of primary disability due to diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue in children in the Russian Federation for 2001-2008 years)    | Resume, key words
24 Kukhta O. A. Social and hygienic characteristic of disability due to dorsopathies  |  Rezume, key words, literature
27 Voloboeva T. V., Smagina T. N. Primary disability of the population in Orenburg region for period 2006-2008 years  |  Rezume, key words, literature
30 Marusheva L. G., German S. V. An analysis of disabled due to diseases of blood circulation system in Nizhegorodskaya area for 2003-2008 years    | Resume, key words
34 Shamsheva E. V. Medico-social characteristic of disability due to illnesses of the nervous system in northlands of the Omskaya area  |   Resume, key words
37 Cherentsova O. I. An analysis of the contingent of disabled with cerebrovascular diseases examined in Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise of the Russian Federation for 2004-2008 years  |   Resume, key words
39 Cherentsova O. I. Dynamics of primary disability due to cerebrovascular diseases and its age features in the Russian Federation for 2004-2008 years  |   Resume, key words
42 Karpova E. G., Kulumbaeva L. K. Formation of primary disability because of malignant neoplasms of adult population in the Bryansk area  |   Resume, key words
45 Kalininskaya A. A., Alikova T. G. Influencing of regional demographic processes on forming of ophthalmic pathology (on the example of Republic North Ossetia-Alaniya)  |  Rezume, key words, literature
47 Demina E. N. Technology of objective selection of support facilities for patients with disorder of static and dynamic functions |   Resume, key words
52 Zhiluk M. A., Gorunova E. E. Working out of labour recommendations to the invalids with limitation of capacity for labour activity of the second degree  |   Resume, key words
54 Morozova E. V. A role and value of personality psychological rehabilitation in examination and rehabilitation process  |  Rezume, key words, literature