Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №2 2010


3 Puzin S. N., Piktushanskaya I. N., Piktushanskaya T. E., Bykovskaya T. U. Professional morbidity as a cause of the disability at able to work age    |  Rezume, key words
5 Guseva N. K., German S. V. Influence of legislative process in social policy on the level and dynamics of primary disability in Russian Federation and Nizhegorodskaya region    |  Rezume, key words, literature
9 Bykovskaya T. U., Gorblyanskiy U. U., Piktushanskaya T. E. Organizational and legal questions of medical rehabilitation of the patients with occupational diseases of the dust etiology    |  Rezume, key words
11 Naumenko L. L., Shermetova I. V., Schemeleva V. I. Efficiency of rehabilitation of children-disabled    |  Rezume, key words, literature
13 Gusev A. O., Kovalchuk V. V. Organization of the activity of a department of neurovascular rehabilitation of a municipal multipurpose hospital    |  Rezume, key words, literature
18 Dmitrieva T. V. Improvements in the formation of an individual program of rehabilitation for the disabled due to a chronic pancreatitis    |  Rezume, key words
21 Dementieva N. F., Zhigareva N. P. Methodological aspect of labour influence in the system of rehabilitation of disabled    |  Rezume, key words, literature
24 Zhigareva N. P., Dementieva N. F. Theoretical foundation of the disabled’s rehabilitation under conditions of psychoneurological boarding-schools    |  Rezume, key words, literature
27 Tarakanova E. A. Integrative interconnection of the quality of life, self-stigmatization and rehabilitation of the patients with schizophrenia    |  Rezume, key words, literature
29 Grishina L. P., Rakhaev A. M. An analysis of the primary disability in consequence of congenital anomalies in children in the Russian Federation in dynamics for 2001-2008 years    |  Rezume, key words
32 Pozharishensky K. E., Kukhta O. A. The peculiarities of a contingent of children-disabled due to the skeletal-muscular system diseases and a connective tissue, examined repeatedly at the bureau of medical and social expertise of the Russian Federation in 2001-2008 years     |  Rezume, key words
34 Razumovsky M. I., Kozhushko L. A., Razumovskaya A. M., Babenko O. D. The state of the primary disability in consequence of ophthalmopathology over Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad district from 2002 to 2007 years     |  Rezume, key words
36 Tretiakova E. A., Malyukov N. I., Azanova L. E. An analysis of the risk factors of disability development in the children-disabled in consequence of the nervous system diseases     |  Rezume, key words
37 Voloboeva T. V., Smagina T. N. Structure and level primary disability of adult population in the Orenburzhskaya district by diseases classes for period 2006-2008    |  Rezume, key words, literature
41 Domashenko A. A., Darymova N. V., Nadel R. V., Kopetskaya L. I., Kaftanova N. G., Rozhkova I. G., Bagmet A. D. The peculiarities of the formation of a primary disability in consequence of the blood circulation system diseases by the results of examinations in the MSE branches of a cardiologic profile of Rostov-on-the-Don for 2004-2008 years     |  Rezume, key words
44 Ondar V. S. The state of a primary disability in consequence of the locomotor system diseases in a pensionable age in the districts and administrative units of the Russian Federation in 2004-2008 years     |  Rezume, key words
46 Petrunko I. L., Menshikova L. V. The contingent of disabled because of osteoarthrosis in the Irkutsk district in dependence on the appeals to the bureau of medical and social expertise      |  Rezume, key words
48 Trekin S. V., Trekina N. V., Rachenko A. I., Shibanova N. V. A survey of expert-medical literature on a question of establishment of an ability limitation degree to the labour activity (common and professional) in the patients and disabled persons with hypoacusis and deafness    |  Rezume, key words, literature
52 Kanunnikova L. V., Frolova E. V. The experience and the meaning of a psychocorrection work in the complex program of rehabilitation of the battle actions participants    |  Rezume, key words, literature
54 Shakhsuvaryan S. B., Velikolug K. A., Andrianov O. V., Petrosyan G. E. Oncological aspects of deontology in medical and social rehabilitation    |  Rezume, key words, literature