Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №3 2010


3 Razumovskiy M.I. Theoretical and practical bases of social rehabilitation of poorly seeing and blind    |  Rezume, key words, literature
7 Gordievskaya E.O., Klimon N.L., Kuzmina I.E., Starobina E.M., Suvorova T.K. Methodical approaches to the estimation of rehabilitation potential of family with child-disabled    |  Rezume, key words, literature
10 Kovalchuk V.V., Gusev A.O. Optimization of rehabilitation of patients after a stroke on the example of activity of restoration treatment centre for neurological patients    |  Rezume, key words, literature
15 Shindryaeva N.N., Starovoitova I.M., Levin O.S. Clinical and functional criteria of determination of limitations to labour activity for patients with Parkinson disease    |  Rezume, key words, literature
17 Zhdanov G.N. Role of immunological indexes in the estimation of rehabilitation potential in acute period of ischemic stroke    |  Rezume, key words, literature
19 Korolev S.G., Sytin L.V., Vasilchenko E.M. Clinical, social and hygienic description of persons with the loss of extremity, suffering on a production, feature of their primary prosthetics    |  Rezume, key words, literature
23 Krivoruchko U.D. Medico-social expertise of mentally sick older than able to work age, accomplishing wrongful actions and being on the forced treatment    |  Rezume, key words, literature
26 Shermetova I.V. Analysis of morbidity, disability of child’s population in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Quality of life of children-invalids    |  Rezume, key words, literature
29 Karpova I.A., Ivanova N.V., Naumenko L.L. The dynamics of the primary disability of the children caused by the nervous system diseases in Khabarovsk land for a period 2004-2008 years    |  Rezume, key words
32 Filkina O.M., Dolotova N.V., Andreuk O.G., Vorobieva E.A. The structure of the disability in child population brought up in different social terms    |  Rezume, key words, literature
34 Grishina L.P., Rakhaev A.M. The structure of disability because of congenital anomalies of the blood circulation system of children taking into account the basic types of pathology    |  Rezume, key words
35 Ondar V.S. The regularities of formation of a disability due to supporting-motional system diseases in Russian Federation    |  Rezume, key words
38 Ondar V.S. The structure of disability due to supporting-motional system diseases taking into account the basic forms of illnesses    |  Rezume, key words
41 Golubev V.G., Ulov V.V., Lapynin P.V., Sekirin A.B., Shishkin V.B., Krupatkin A.I. Rehabilitation of patients with the comminuted intra-articular fractures of long tubular bones    |  Rezume, key words, literature
44 Morozov I.N., Buluybash I.D., Donchenko E.V., Prikhodko M.S. Psychological rehabilitation of patients with a vertebral-spinal trauma    |  Rezume, key words, literature
47 Dashina M.G., Baranova L.N., Timoshnikova N.N., Chernenko S.P., Emelyanova T.V., Laskavaya I.A. Expertly-psychological estimation of neurodynamic disorders at the organic cerebral affection    |  Rezume, key words, literature
50 Zabolotnykh I.I., Kantemirova R.K. A value of rhythm disturbance is in the estimation of vital functions limitation of patients    |  Rezume, key words, literature
54 Kalashnikova L.K. The procedure of forensic medical and social expertise    |  Rezume, key words