Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №4 2010

3 Galyanov A. A. Experience of application of International classification of functioning, disability and health for the estimation of results of rehabilitation on the basis of dynamics of indexes of quality of life for invalids because of ischemic heart disease, carrying the heart attack of myocardium    |  Rezume, key words, literature
7 Zabolotnykh I. I., Kantemirova R. K., Ishutina I. S., Fidarova Z. D., Sugarova F. V., Zalnova I. A., Mitkeeva V. O., Pushkarskaya O. V., Tsarakhova N. M. Use of clinical and expert diagnostics for the ground of limitation of capacity for labour activity, rehabilitation potential and rehabilitation prognosis of patients with ischemic heart disease    |  Rezume, key words, literature
11 Karnaukh V. N. Disability and ability to work of patients with the disseminated sclerosis    |  Rezume, key words, literature
14 Shindryaeva N. N., Starovoitova I. M., Levin O. S. Medical and social examination for patients with essential tremor    |  Rezume, key words, literature
17 Shestakov V. P., Milyutin S. M., Pinsker B. E. Criteria of valuation of rehabilitation efficiency by organic and vascular brain damages with neurotic and anxiety disturbances    |  Rezume, key words, literature
20 Dementieva N. F., Zhigareva N. P. Innovative approaches in the rehabilitation of disabled people dwelling in psychoneurological boarding-houses    |  Rezume, key words, literature
23 Belousova N. U. Observance of principle of necessary and sufficient terms in the process of social adaptation of invalids    |  Rezume, key words, literature
25 Volskaya G. N., Danuyk G. G. Analysis of class of "other diseases" among the adult population of the Krasnoyarsk region for period 2007-2009    |  Rezume, key words
27 Serkov A. A., Marchenkova L. O., Serkova E. V. Primary disability caused by traumas of the supporting and motive system of the habitants of Kurganskaya area    |  Rezume, key words
30 Ondar V. S., Kukhta O. A., Verigina N. B. The peculiarities of disability because of illnesses of the supporting – motive system in regions and subdivisions of Russian Federation on appeals to the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in 2007-2009    |  Rezume, key words
36 Karasaeva L. A., Svintsov A. A. Basic performance of service employment of population indicators on the professional rehabilitation of invalids in Russian Federation    |  Rezume, key words, literature
39 Emeliyanov P. A., Nikitina S. E., Savinkova G. I., Zagrebina L. V., Stepina E. A. Analysis of child’s disability because of congenital anomaly and chromosomal abnormalities in Republic Karelia for 2007-2009    | Rezume, key words
41 Skripnikova I. A., Kisly N. D. New possibilities of estimation of risk of fractures. Rehabilitation prognosis and rehabilitation potential of patients with a primary osteoporosis    |  Rezume, key words, literature
44 Andrianov O. V., Petrosyan G. E., Velikolug K. A. Actual problems of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic prostatitis    |  Rezume, key words, literature
48 Gordova L. D., Kirichenko U. N., Razinkov D. V. Ways of upgrading of medically-rehabilitation measures for children-disabled with thermal damage    |  Rezume, key words
49 Krovyakova E. A., Kirichuk V. F., Kodochigova A. I., Mikheeva L. A. Features of forming of koping-strategy for the clinically healthy doctors of service of medical and social expertise, having risk factors of development of ischemic heart disease     |  Rezume, key words, literature
52 Mitkevich V. A., Soloviev A. G. To the question of estimation of therapy efficiency of neuropsychic diseases of the children and teenagers     |  Rezume, key words, literature
54 Puzin S. N., Malichenko S. B., Idrisova L. T., Payanidi U. G., Yavisya A. M. Up-to-date strategy of rehabilitation of patients with surplus mass of body and obesity     |  Rezume, key words
56 Kalashnikova L. K. Medical secrecy     |  Rezume, key words