Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №1 2009

3 Iksanov H. V., Iksanov I. Ya. Medical and social expertise of patients with professional diseases and industrial injuries in the Republic of Tatarstan in 2005 – 2007.    | Summary & Literature
7 Bobrov A. S. Analysis of individual rehabilitation programs for victims of industrial accidents and professional diseases in the Krasnodar region.
12 Zakharyan A. G., Barkovskaya O. S. Some characteristics of rehabilitation of victims of industrial injuries in the Novosibirsk region (based on results of examination by medical and social expertise institutions)
14 Iksanov H. V., Sukhova A. A., Starkova T. Ye., Gabisheva Ye.N., Chigarova I. I., Iksanov I. Ya. Current problems of development of individual program for rehabilitation of disabled children at children’s psychoneurological station of medical and social expertise in the city of Kazan
17 Naumenko L. L. Social and psychological characteristics of family of disabled child   | Summary & Literature
20 Iksanov H. V., Sukhova A. A., Samigullina N. H. Social problems of family of disabled child
22 Filimonov A. I., Sergeyeva O. V., Kuznetsov S. I., Kozlov Yu.S. Evaluation of characteristics of primary disability in patients with ischemic heart disease after coronary arterial bypass graft and development of effective rehabilitation model
24 Zabolotnykh I. I., Kantemirova R. K., Kuzemkina S. Yu., Sugarova F. V., Gulyayeva S. A., Chiritso M. M. Value of clinical and functional indices in disabled patients with arterial hypertension and definition of rehabilitation potentialities   | Summary & Literature
28 Dementyeva N. F., Andreyeva T. V. Social and cultural rehabilitation of disabled patients within system of social integration   | Summary & Literature

30 Kukhta O. A. Main trends in primary disability due to dorsopathies in Russian Federation
32 Tarabukina A. E. Medical and social characteristics of disability due to malignant neoplasms in adult populations in Yakutsk in 2002 – 2006.
35 Adjamatov M. G., Naumenko L. L. Characteristics of indices of disability due to congenital abnormalities of central nervous system and sense organs in children in Russian Federation
37 Nechayeva A. A., Goncharenko A. G., Akimov Ye.I., Samarin B. A., Timoshnikova I. V., Akopyan T. A. Dynamics and prognostication of incidence of primary disability of children due to congenital development defects and chromosome abnormalities in Altai region   | Summary & Literature
38 Abdulnagimov I. G. Disability of children populations in region neighboring micro-biologic industrial objects   | Summary & Literature
40 Zakharyan A. G., Barkovskaya O. S. Disability due to industrial injuries in Novosibirsk region
42 Khubutia B. N., Chikinova L. N. Social and hygienic characteristics of disabled patients formerly participating in local military action and evaluation of their social and economic life standards
43 Kanina L. Yu. Analysis of primary disability of workable populations due to urogenital system diseases in 2006.
45 Gayevskaya O. E. Characteristics of exo-prosthesis of patients with postmastectomic lymphedema of upper limb   | Summary & Literature
47 Sosnovskiy I. B. Medical and administrative characteristics of providing aid to patients with prostate cancer   | Summary & Literature
50 Velikolug K. A. Characteristics of expert patients after ventricle and duodenum surgery   | Summary & Literature
53 Sergeyeva O. V., Filimonov A. I., Kuznetsov S. I., Kosenkova T. V. Optimization of rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease and coronary deficiency based on mathematical modeling
54 Sergeyeva O. V., Filimonov A. I., Kuznetsov S. I., Kozlov Yu.S. Investigation of life standards of patients with ischemic heart disease during rehabilitation events   | Summary & Literature
55 Panasenko S. L. Evaluation of quality of medical aid provided to patients and disabled persons with consequences of military action injuries of locomotive system at departmental central medical institution.