Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №2 2009

3 Puzin S. N. The present-day methods of improvement of administration and operation of Federal governmental medical and social expertise institutions     | Resume, key words
6 Vasilenko O. Yu., Smirnova Yu. A. Main principles of evaluation of life activity limitations in patients with endocrine diseases    | Resume, key words, literature
9 Vasilenko O. Yu., Smirnova Yu. A. Methodological basics of expert evaluation of disabling complications of sugar diabetes    | Resume, key words, literature
13 Zakharchenko Yu. I., Chicherina T. A., Tereshchenko T. V., Shamritskiy Yu. A. Ways of improvement of rehabilitation system at regional level    | Resume, key words
17 Zakharyan A. G., Barkovskaya O. S. Analysis of volume and structure of professional rehabilitation of persons suffering from injuries to health due to accidents at work or professional diseases, based on evaluation of realization of victim rehabilitation programs    | Resume, key words
21 Filimonov A. I., Sergeyeva O. V., Kuznetsov S. I., Kozlov Yu. S. Evaluation of results of reexamination of patients with Ischemic heart disease after aortocoronary bypass as means of rehabilitation model shaping    |Resume, key words
23 Klemesheva Yu. N., Voskresenskaya O. N., Akimova T. N. Aspects of rehabilitation of rural area patients with primary disability accounts due to cerebral palsy    | Resume, key words, literature
27 Memetov S. S. The need of disabled patients in technical rehabilitation means and ways of improvement of this rehabilitation process direction at present    | Resume, key words
31 Sukhanov V. G. Characteristics and problems of life activity limitations in ostomy patients    | Resume, key words, literature
36 Khubutia B. N. Characteristics of medical service of disabled war veterans    | Resume, key words
41 Khalyastov I. N. Indices of primary disability rates due to malignant growths in Russian Federation in dynamics in 2001 – 2007    | Resume, key words
43 Bobrov A. S. Analysis of primary disability rates due to malignant growths in Krasnodar region    | Resume, key words
45 Kukhta O. A. Main trends in primary disability due to dorsopathies in districts and regions of Russian Federation in 2004-2007    | Resume, key words
48 Shkurko M. A. Patterns of formation of general disability due to psychic disorders in children in Russian Federation in terms of gender characteristics    | Resume, key words
49 Chaichitz Yu. A. Dynamics of disability due to nervous system disorders relied on visit data from bureaus of medical and social expertise    | Resume, key words
51 Abdullayev R. O., Shagazatova B. Kh. Indices of disability in senior patients    | Resume, key words, literature
53 Chikinova L. N., Trofimchik I. A., Gaubrikh N. Yu. Problem of improving qualification and certification of specialists in medical and social expertise and rehabilitation    | Resume, key words
55 Morzhov V. F., Morzhova Ye. V. Application of juxtaspinal diprospan blocades in medical rehabilitation of patients with discal hernia    | Resume, key words, literature