Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №3 2009

3 Krasilova E. V., Dashina M. G., Morozova O. N. An analysis of clinical-psychological peculiarities and difficulties of adaptation of the disabled who went through an acute lesion of the cerebral circulation     | Resume, key words, literature
6 Andrianov O. V., Shakhsuvaryan S. B., Kovshar Yu.A., Bobrov A. S. Medico-social rehabilitation of the disabled in consequence of malignant neoplasms of a mammary gland in the elderly and gerontal age     |Resume, key words, literature
10 Filimonov A. I., Sergeeva O. V., Verikovskyi V. A., Kuznetsov S. I. The urgency of application of differentiated rehabilitation of the disabled due to ischemic heart disease     | Resume, key words
12 Sergeeva O. V., Filimonov A. I., Kuznetsov S. I., Verikovskyi V. A. The approaches to decision of the problems of professional rehabilitation of the disabled in Voronezhskaya area     | Resume, key words
14 Starobina E. M., Kiselyova N. A., Klimon N. L., Koryukov A. A., Kuzjmina I. E., Loseva N. L., Suvorova T. K. The use of a system of playing methods for development of micromotorics and the formation of social and everyday habits in children with lesions of a hand functions     | Resume, key words
19 Krivetskyi V. V. Possibilities of a social and labour readaptation after videoendoscopic reconstruction of a vertebral channel     | Resume, key words, literature
21 Land Yu. B. The peculiarities of organization and the forms of psychological work with young disabled persons in a psychoneurological boarding-school. Epidemiology and statistics of disability     | Resume, key words, literature
24 Kukhta O. A. An analysis of the contingent of repeatedly recognized as the disabled due to dorsopathies in the Russian Federation     | Resume, key words
27 Shkurko M. A. Evaluation of the level of the primary disability in consequence of psychical disturbances in children of the subjects of the Russian Federation in 2007 year     | Resume, key words
28 Zakharova O. A., Chertykovtseva S. S. An analysis of the primary disability in diseases and sequelae of the traumas of a vision organ in the adult population of Samarskaya area for 2001-2005     | Resume, key words
31 Serkova E. V., Marchenkova L. O., Serkov A. A. The primary disability in consequence of a road-traffic traumatism in the adult population of Kurgan area     | Resume, key words, literature
33 Sheremetjeva S. N., Usanova E. P., Matkivskyi R. A., Shapkina O. A. Children’ disability due to chronic diseases of digestion organs and the ways of the problem decision on a regional level     | Resume, key words, literature
36 Kuzmishin L. E., Banjkovskaya M. P. Application of echocardiography in diagnostics of dilatation and hypertrophic cardiomyopathies     | Resume, key words, literature
44 Kukhta O. A., Morzhov V. F., Morzhova E. V. Application of functional computer tomography in expert diagnostics of different types of dorsopathies     | Resume, key words, literature
46 Krivoruchko Yu. D. Methodological aspects of carrying out forensic- psychiatric expertise and medical-social expert assessment of the persons with psychical disorders, performed illegal actions     | Resume, key words, literature
49 Dementjeva N. F., Chebotova V. Yu. The state of the psychic health of the homeless as a factor contributing to the formation of homelessness and impeding social integration of this category of persons     | Resume, key words, literature
52 Shoshmin A. V. A system of internet-consultation for the specialists of pediatric bureaus of the Federal governmental institutions of medico-social expertise     | Resume, key words