Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №1 2008

4 Grishina L. P., Dymochka M. A., Vasilenko O. Yu., Lyuberitskaya L. P. Main trends in primary disability in adult populations, and its gender characteristics, in the Russian Federation in 2003-2006
6 Kolesnikov B. L., Redina O. S. Administration of medical rehabilitation and disabled patients in the Orenburg region
8 Spivak B. G. Medical and technical capabilities and modern administration problems in organizing prosthetic and orthopedic aid for children and adolescents in the Moscow region
12 Bubnova Ye.V., Guseva N. K. Social aspects of rehabilitation of disabled patients receiving primary education at the Nizhniy Novgorod full-time college for students with disabilities
15 Nepomnyashchaya O. V., Ivchenko O. A. Comparative characteristics of various treatment methods of lower limb ischemia patients, based on the data provided by medical and social expertise
16 Kondratenko A. Yu., Belyayev S. D., Khetagurova L. G. Chronotopic and biological evaluation of effectiveness of kinesis therapy in rehabilitation of patients with spine osteochondrosis
19 Vasilchenko Ye.M., Dudko A. P., Pavlovich Ye.I., Dorofeyeva L. V., Tuzovskaya T. A. Analysis of adequate wheelchair supply of patients with disabilities in 2006
21 Khozhayev A. A., Kaydarov B. K., Amanbekov N. A. Disability and workability in patients with colorectal cancer after radical surgery

22 Zverev K. V., Pankov V. Ye., Tananyan N. V. Structure and levels of primary disability in adult populations in the Russian Federation in 2003 – 2006, by the class of disease
24 Pugitev L. I. Dynamics of primary disability in younger populations in the Russian Federation by region
27 Pugiyev L. I. Comparative analysis of the structure of primary disability, by class of disease, in younger populations of the Russian Federation
28 Grishina L. P. Analysis of disability in adult populations of the Russian Federation, by appeals to bureaus of medical and social expertise
31 Timoshnikova N. N., Kuzivanova T. Yu. Analysis of primary disability due to epilepsy in patients aged over 18 in the Altai region in 2002 – 2006
33 Fedorishina L. I., Bilan N. V. Analysis of children disability due to indigenous anomalies and chromosome defects in the Khanty-Mansy autonomous district, the Yugra, in 2006
36 Zakharchenko Yu.I., Bolotova Ye.V., Tereshchenko T. V., Vlasova Ye. S. Structure of primary disability due to blood circulation diseases in adult populations in the Krasnodar region
39 Abdulnagimov I. G. Comparative evaluation of primary disability of workable populations residing on territories with varied ecological loads
42 Morozova Ye.V. Inner disability picture (genesis, structure, functions, characteristics)
46 Pavlov A. V. Several problems of civil and legislative protection of confidentiality of patients under medical and social expertise
47 Kovalchuk V. V., Skoromets A. A. Problems and drawbacks, perspectives and directions of rehabilitation of post-stroke patients
51 Sukhanov V. G. Qualitative improvement of life standards in patients with discharge functional defects
55 Gazaliyeva A. M. Complex rehabilitation of patients with hemiparethic form of infantile cerebral palsy