Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №2 2008

3 Puzin S. N., Lavrova D. I., Dymochka M. A., Zoloyev R. V., An A. V., Khubutia B. N., Baldetskiy A. A. Current situation in mediacal and social rehabilitation

5 Naumenko L. L. Quality of medical and social expertise in pediatrics
10 Karasaeva L. A. Unsolved problems of professional rehabilitation system for disabled patients
14 Puzin S. N., Kindras G. P., Krasnovskaya Ye.S., Kozlov A. A., Ogar D. V. Social and hygienic characteristics of drug addicts addressing the "New life" independent non-commercial rehabilitation center
19 Pugiyev L. I. Needs of younger disabled patients in professional rehabilitation and features of employment of disabled patients
21 Memetov S. S., Shumikhina A. V. Psychological diagnostics of patients’ motivational and goal-setting sphere in the medical and social expertise framework (in patients suffering from consequences of craniocerebral traumas)
23 Bubnova Ye.V. On the results of the study of social potential level in disabled patients studying at special and common educational institutions

25 Dymochka M. A. Dynamics of primary disability due to cerebrovascular diseases in Russia in pat 10 years
28 Mokhov K. O., Akopjan T. A., Vladimirova I. A. Characteristics of primary disability in children due to nervous system diseases in Russia in 2001-2006
30 Pugiyev L. I., Dymochka M. A. Range of Russia’s administrative regions by level of primary disability of younger age groups
32 Mokhov K. O. Social and hygienic aspects of disability due to nervous system diseases in children in Moscow in 2001-2006
34 Gichkun L. P., Panova S. L., Litvinova M. V. Primary disability condition in former military personnel of workable age group in the Volgograd region of Russia in 2001-2006
37 Zoloyev R. V., Beriyeva L. M., Kovshar Yu.A. Social and hygienic characteristics of adult disability in the republic of Northern Osetia – Alania
39 Mikheyeva L. A., Romanova O. N., Kuniavskiy Ye.M. Analysis of disability due to disseminated sclerosis in Saratov in 2005-2006
40 Zakharchenko Yu.I., Chicherina T. A., Grechikhina M. D., Perkina S. V. Dynamics of primary disability and needs in rehabilitation measures in senior patients in the Starominskiy district of the Krasnodar region of Russia in 2001-2006
43 Morozov I. N., Buliubash I. D., Donchenko Ye.V., Prikhodko M. S. Diagnostics of psychological disorders at intermediate and later stages of cerebro-spinal traumas
46 Antoshkin V. V., Andrianov O. V. Problems of treatment and complex medical and social rehabilitation of disabled patients with malignant growths in kidney and bladder
49 Krasnikov V. N. Analysis of casual relations of injuries (traumas, wounds, shellshock) and diseases in military personnel examined by military medical committees and considered unfit or partially fit for the service due to health concerns
51 Karasaeva L. A., Vladimirova L. A. Application of special extra technical devices in the framework of professional rehabilitation of disabled patients
53 Ryzhkov A. I., Gorobtsov V. A. Some issues on social and pedagogical impact in complex rehabilitation of disabled patients
56 Era Ivanovna Taniukhina (80th anniversary)
57 Qeram Tabriz Kerimov (60th anniversary)