Mediko-Sotsialnaya Ekspertiza i Reabilitatsiya №3 2008

3 Puzin S. N. Principles of rehabilitation of disabled patients in the Russian Federation
5 Lavrova D. I., An A. V., Pustotin N. I. Contemporary problems of rehabilitation of victims of industrial injury
7 Korablina S. Yu., Lopatin N. N. On the supplier contest to provide custom-made prosthetic and orthopoedic devices to privileged populations
9 Shvedovchenko I. V., Petrov V. G., Yankovskiy V. M., Andriyevskaya A. O., Roskov R. V. Rehabilitation procedure in disabled patients with amputated limbs at rehabilitation centers of science and practice
12 Rozhavskiy L. A., Okunev A. Yu., Purinj V. I. Child disability as a medical and social problem of one of the regions in Russia’s North-West
15 Kozhushko L. A., Razumovskiy M. I. Determination of visual function in children of various age groups in the course of medical and social expertise
18 Svarich V. G., Abramova T. A., Svarich V. A. Post-surgery rehabilitation of disabled children with Hirschprung disease
20 Mavlikayeva Yu.A., Bronnikov V. A., Anikeyeva T. A. Determination of labor-age disabled patients’ requirements of complex rehabilitation on the regional scale
22 Nekrasov M. A. Medical, social and demographic characteristics of outpatient mentally diseased populations in the Oryol region of Russia (based on questionnaire survey)
24 Shestakov V. P., Kliukovkin K. S. On availability of medical and social rehabilitation for the disabled
27 Trekin S. V., Rachenko A. I., Shibanova N. V. Labor limitations in patients with sugar diabetes complicated by diabetes foot infection
29 Rytov A. G. Social rehabilitation of labor-age disabled patients in view of disability adaptation strategies
32 Dementyeva N. F. Social adaptation in the system of rehabilitation of patients with mental deviations on ward of psychoneurologic boarding schools
35 Dymochka M. A. Characteristics of disabilities due to cerebrovascular diseases in the Russian Federation in 1997 – 2005
37 Korepanova O. A., Kurnikova I. A., Muhametgaleyeva Ye.D. Analysis of primary disability due to sugar diabetes in adult populations of the Udmurt republic of Russia
39 Iksanov H. V., Karimova F. N. Social and hygienic characteristics of adult populations of the Tartar republic of Russia in 2003 – 2007
42 Gorshkov V. I. Medical and demographical characteristics and dynamics of primary disability in adult populations of the Altai region of Russia
43 Zakharchenko Yu.I., Chicherina T. A., Yushkova I. N., Perkina S. V. Primary disability due to cerebrovascular diseases in adult populations of the Abinsk district of the Krasnodar region of Russia in 2003—2006
45 Mikheyeva L. A., Kunyavskiy Ye.M., Smirnova Ye.V., Kuzina O. A. Analysis of disability due to malignant growths of bone tissue in adult populations of the city and region of Saratov in 2004 – 2006
47 Trifonova I. A. Report of disability due to ear and mastoid pathologies in the Tomsk region
78 Pomnikov V. G., Makarov A. Yu., Belozertseva I. I., Korchagina Ye.V., Shahbanov S. A. Complex classification of craniocerebral injury consequences and options of its application to practical medical and social expertise and rehabilitation
50 Iksanov H. V., Sukhova A. A., Samigullina N. H. Formation of competence in training of social work professionals for the medical and social expertise system
52 Gorshkov V. I. Administrative and clinical aspects of assigning patients with hypertensic disease to medical and social expertise
55 Zhiliuk M. A., Goryunova Ye. Ye. Role of administration and methodology department in the activities of a medical and social expertise bureau
  Puzin, Sergey Nikiforovich (55th anniversary)