Gematologiya i Transfusiologiya №2 2012



Gorodetsky V.M., Migunov V.N. Current issues of postgraduate education of physicians in transfusiology 3
Galstyan G. M. Hemostasis disorders caused by deficiency of vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors: pathogenesis, correction methods and recommendations for treatment 7
Kolosova I. V., Galstyan G. M., Orel E. B., Vasilyev S. A., Ryzhko V. V., Varlamova E. Yu., Gorodetsky V. M. Therapy for the hemorrhagic syndrome caused by deficiency of vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors (analysis of clinical cases) 22
Potapnev M. P., Karpenko F. N., Nikanchik T. A., Perekhod Z. V. Demographic and social characteristics of donors donating whole blood at blood banks and at mobile sessions in the Belarus Republic 30


Knopov M.Sh., Taranukha V.K. Outstanding Russian transfusiologist and neurosurgeon (to the 130th birthday of V. N. Shamov) 34


In memory of Maya Alexandrovna Volkova 37


Congress of Hematologists of Russia, July 2—4, 2012, Moscow, International Commerce Center 38
Abstracts of Scientifi c and Research Conferences "The Cold Component in Blood Service", April 18, 2012, Moscow 39


To the 70th birthday of Khvatov Valery Borisovich 48