Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika №8 2013


Biomarkers under different forms of pathology

Ivanets T.Yu., Alekseyeva M.L., Loginova N.S., Kolodko V.G., Nasonova D.M., Khasiyanova Z.Sh.
The placental growth factor and fmssimilar tyrosine kinase-1 as markers of pre-eclampsy in dynamics of pregnancy
Aksenova T.A.
The immunologic disorders and dysfunction of endothelium as predictors of development of hypertrophy of left ventricle of heart in patients with hypertension disease
Nikonova E.S., Suslova T.E., Ryabov V.V., Shurupov V.S.
The cerebral sodium uretric peptide шт patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency under decreased and preserved ejection fraction
Vyazovaya A.A., Kuyevda D.A., Trofimova O.B., Shipulina O.Yu., Yershov V.A., Lyalina L.V., Narvskaya O.V.
The identification of viruses of human papilloma of high carcinogenic risk and evaluation of physical status of viral DNA using technique of polymerase-chain reaction under affection of cervical epithelium
Winter W.E., Schatz D.A.
The autoimmune markers of diabetes
The circulating tumor cells under breast cancer: systems of detection, molecular characteristic and issues of future studies


Makedonova L.D., Kudriyakova T.A., Katchkina G.V., Gayevskaya N.Ye.
Bacteriofags Yersinia pseudotuberculosis: detection, in strains of different O-serovars and their identification
Tchesnokov V.A., Tchesnokova M.G., Mironov A.Yu., Turtchaninov D.V., Kriga A.S.
The Bayesian framework of detection of cariesgenic streptoccocus in dental plaque in children with distal occlusion under orthodontic treatment

Organization of laboratory service

Menshikov V.V.
The external evaluation of study quality: the role in maintaining the reliability of laboratory information