Rossiiskaya Pediatricheskaya Oftalmologia №1 2013


Clinical investigations

Neroev V.V., Sudovskaya T.V., Kiseleva T.N., Kruzhkova G.V., Makarova A.A. Kokoeva N.Sh. Peculiarities of blood circulation in the orbital vessels of the children presenting with congenital microphthalmos of different severity 4
Katargina L.A., Tarasenkov A.O., Mazanova E.V. The retrospective analysis of the application of hypotensive medications for the treatment of congenital glaucoma in the children based at a pediatric surgical department 8
Kruglova T.B., Egiyan N.S., Kononov L.B. Peculiarities of the surgical treatment of congenital cataracts with the use of intraocular lens implantation in the patients presenting with congenital malformations of the posterior lens capsule 12
Demchenko E.N., Belyaeva I.A., Katargina L.A. The results of the application of histochrome in the children presenting with active retinopathy of prematurity 15
Iomdina E.N., Tarutta E.P., Markosyan G.A., Aksenova Yu.M., Kruzhkova G.V., Ivashchenko Zh.N., Smirnova T.S., Bedretdinov A.N. Biomechanical characteristics of the corneoscleral tunic and the state of the connective tissue system in the children and adolescents presenting with various forms of progressive myopia 18
Myakoshina E.B. Retinal astrocytic harmatoma: two clinical cases, visualization with the help spectral optical coherent tomography 23
Pleskova A.V., Mazanova E.V., Katargina L.A. Clinical characteristics and the results of keratoplasty in the children presenting with congenital corneal opacification and concomitant congenital glaucoma 27
Saakyan S.V., Zharua A.A., Myakoshina E.B., Lazareva L.A., Yakovlev S.B. Superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy for the treatment of refractory and advanced retinoblastoma: possible complications and measures for their prevention 31
Tarutta E.P., Tarasova N.A. The diagnostic criteria for habitually-excessive accommodation strain based on subjective and objective characteristics of accomodation 34
Cherednichenko L.P., Barycheva L.Yu., Bernovskaya A.A. The cytokine profile in the patients presenting with the early manifestations of primary open-angle glaucoma 38

Organization of pediatric ophthalmological aid

Poltavtsev A.V., Paramei O.V., Maksimova N.V. Children’s eye protection in the Bryansk region 43

Review of the literature

Cherednichenko L.P., Borisova L.I. The role of tonometry in the management of cervical spine osteochondrosis 46

Invitation to discussion

Kruglova T.B., Khvatova A.V. Contributing to the discussion of the paper "Classification of congenital cataracts" by N.F. Bobrova 49

Guidelines for practitioners

Arestova N.N., Katargina L.A. The algorithm of surgical intervention and medicamental treatment of dacriocystitis in the newborn infants 50
Guseva M.R., Sidorenko E.I., Markova E.Yu., Matveev A.V., Uchaeva N.S. The role of the "lutein complex for children" in the treatment of eye diseases 53
Kuvaitseva N.G., Mikhailova M.G. Ocular toxocarosis in the children 64
Seliverstova K.E., Vakhova E.S. A case report of posterior keratocone in a 11-year old child 66


Kogoleva L.V. The III World Congress on retinopathy of prematurity 68
Kharlampidi M.P., Sudovskaya T.V. Our jubilee. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Children’s Consultative Outpatient Clinic at the Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases 70