Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis №6 2008

Zaiko V. V., Martynkina L. P., Steriopolo N. A., Kutvitsky V. A., Tugolukov A. Ye., Yegorov Ye. Ye., Voloshchuk S. G., Starovoitova T. A., Toguzov R. T., Vengerov Yu. Yu.

Analytical characteristics micromatrix semiquantitative method used in serial tests with video digital registration 

A multiplex analytical system has been developed to carry out microformat latex agglutination tests with video digital registration. The system makes it possible to apply less than 1 ml drops of latex and samples in the matrix format to a carrier and to make the test in 30 points at once, as well as to record and to interpret the results of the test, by keeping analytical information for each sample. Comparison of the results of determination of the serum levels of C-reactive protein, rheumatoid factor, and antistreptolysine in the system developed by the authors with the results obtained in the macroagglutination test by the immunoturbidimetric technique leads to the conclusion that the methods are comparable. The proposed type of a latex agglutination test based on a matrix approach and miniaturization assures efficient production and the quality of laboratory studies.