Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis №6 2008

Terekhina N. A., Padrul M. M., Makarova Ye. L.

Effect of bacteriophage on the serum levels of iron and copper in pregnant women with pyelonephritis 

Eighty-nine pregnant women, including 62 pregnant females with pyelonephritis, were examined. After bacteriophage treatment for pyelonephritis, there was an increase in the content of iron, a decrease in the level of soluble transferrin receptor without iron therapy, suggesting iron redistribution in pregnant woman. The blood levels of copper, ceruloplasmin, and transferrin in pregnant women with pyelonephritis point to antioxidative defense activation in both healthy pregnant women and pregnant females with pyelonephritis. The serum concentration of ceruloplasmin is of importance for prognosis and evaluation of ceruloplasmin in pregnant women. The higher content of ceruloplasmin in pregnancy is indicative of the involvement of protective mechanisms from autoaggression.