Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis №6 2008

Chekanova T. A., Markelov M. L., Manzenyuk I. N., Speranskaya A. S., Shishova A. V., Alekseyeva Yu. A., Sudyina A. Ye., Braslavskaya S. I., Shipulin G. A.

Design of an immunochip for separate detection of hepatitis C virus antibodies 

A test kit as an immunochip designed for the diagnosis of hepatic C virus (HCV) has a high sensitivity and specificity. Recombinant HCV antigens were separately immobilized on the activated slides together with internal controls. Serum test results were red by ScanArray Express. K-factor and corresponding value of cut-off were calculated for each antigen and internal controls. Comparative evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of the immunochip was carried out by commercial ELISA test kits and linear blotting analyses on 448 blood samples containing and free from NCV antibodies.