Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis №6 2008

Andosova L. D., Kontorshchikova K. N., Katkova N. Yu., Mikhaleva O. V., Demina V. A.

Role of immunological factors in the diagnosis and prediction of intrauterine fetal infections

Comparative analysis of the data of immunological examination of pregnant women with markers of genitourinary infections (GUI), by taking into account the etiological factor, has established unidirectional changes in the levels cytokines and neopterin (NP). At the same time, the level of NP in all the groups of examinees with GUI was higher than that of cytokines. The highest content of NP in blood and cervical canal mucus (CCM) was noted in pregnant women with GUI of viral etiology. The changes in NP levels in infections caused by various viruses were similar. The study of the levels of cytokines and NP in the peripheral blood and CCM samples yielded information on the functional activity of different types of immunocompetent cells, the magnitude of an inflammatory process, its transition to the systemic level, and on the prediction of infection development.