Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis №6 2008

Medovyi V. S., Nikolayenko D. S., Parpara A. A., Pyatnitsky A. M., Sokolinsky B. Z., Demyanov V. L., Zhurkina T. V., Palchunova I. B.

Automatization of microscopic blood smear analyses and quality control using reference virtual slides  

MEKOC microscopy complexes have a group of specialized automatic functions for medical analyses of biomaterials integrated with general virtual microscopy accessories. Such functions provide a way of making specialized reference virtual slides (RVS). The latter contain the results of virtual analysis or expert evidence of the automatic analysis results presented in the virtual slide. The use of RVS yields an open system with a step-by-step control of the quality of automatic operations. RVS as realistic preparation models are also used to train staff. The results of step-by-step trials of the MEKOC-–2 are presented in the paper.