Medico-Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation №3 2011


A.I. Mashchenko, N.M. Eretnova, I.P. Petrova, O.V. Sergeyeva, M.S. Ivanina

The results of cochlear implantation (CI) in children with auditory abnormalities were presented. During the period from 6 months to 6 years 68 children after CI were followed-up. In 3-4 weeks after the surgery the speech processor was connected up and its repeated settings were performed. Deaf-and-dumb pedagogues and speech therapists worked on development of auditory-speech perception and speech. Auditory-speech skills were examined with use of the simple two-words-phrase test. Limitation of vital functions was evaluated at the Bureau of Medico-social Expertise.

In 1 year the data of objective post-op speech recognition were obtained in 18 children. The index of the simple two-words-phrase test made from 60 to 100%, the speech was well developing, and the change of social status was more delayed in time.

CI opens wide perspectives for rehabilitation of the deaf children. Integration of such children into the society occurs gradually and depends upon many factors.

Key Words:   cochlear implantation, auditory-speech rehabilitation, limitation of vital functions


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